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Sunday, December 18, 2011

proper diagnosis of an illness

Nowadays, whenever people suffer from any health-related problem they seek medical help immediately. This may lead to wastage of their precious time, money and energy. Before one rushes into getting medical treatment it is necessary to give some thought to the nature of the illness.
Since how long has the person been suffering from the disease?
Is the disease a normal one or does it has a spiritual dimension to it?
Can the disease be cured with or without surgery?
Is the disease a life-threatening one?
How severe is the disease?

If a person has been suffering from a disease for more than 3 months and the disease keeps recurring, so it is essential that the person is checked by an amil to rule out the possibility of any black magic/devil possessions. Whenever our Prophet Mohammad (SAW) fell ill he would perform Ruqyah that is an Islamic prayer for curing problems such as evil eye, black magic etc done by envious people. This proves that in most of the cases diseases occur as a result of magic spells because every person is surrounded by people who envy him and cannot tolerate his success and happiness.
If the ailment turns out to be a spiritual one then medical treatment should also be given to the victim along with an amil’s treatment for quick recovery.
If the disease requires an operation urgently as a life-saving measure than one should go for an operation, otherwise only spiritual help would suffice. Cases such as those of cysts, kidney stones etc need operations urgently.
Sometimes, the problem of black magic gets detected so late that the victim may be in the 4rth and final stage of cancer. Such a stage requires a laser treatment. In such cases where black magic is detected so late that it may take such a dangerous form, the victim should be given medical treatment along with the spiritual one, as a rule.
The severity of the disease should also be given consideration. For example, if a person is a victim of black magic and is suffering from intolerable pain so he or she should be given medical treatment along with the spiritual one as allopathic medications such as painkillers, whether in the form of pills or injections, can give relief to the victim.

Amel soname contact

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